More safety for battery systems

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Climate and moisture management for lithium-ion battery packs

23−25 May, 2023, Messe Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany – Hall 10, Stand B30 | When liquids collect inside lithium-ion batteries, it can severely impair their service life and functionality. Freudenberg Performance Materials has developed Battery Pack Liquid Absorbers to considerably improve safety in battery systems. Benefit from reliable climate and liquid management for your battery packs.

FPM Battery Pack Liquid Absorber

Battery packs are the core elements of mobile and stationary lithium-ion energy storage systems. They are used in automotive and industrial applications. The performance and lifespan of these components are largely responsible for the efficiency of the energy storage system. Moisture inside the packs can considerably diminish both function and lifespan. Battery Pack Liquid Absorbers from Freudenberg prevent this by reliably absorbing liquids inside battery packs.

Freudenberg’s Battery Pack Liquid Absorbers act as a safety system. The absorbent pads quickly absorb condensate, water, or moisture, reliably store it in place, and allow it to be re-evaporated in a controlled manner. Any coolant that leaks from the cooling system is also safely absorbed and retained to prevent further damage.

FPM Battery Pack Liquid Absorber – 3D Graphic Battery Pack Liquid Absorbers reliably absorb and store large volumes of liquid

Advantages at a glance

  • Reliable fluid management for long-lasting battery packs
  • Fast absorption of various fluids, such as condensate, water, moisture, and coolant
  • Reliable retention capacity in emergency scenarios
  • Adaptable absorption capacity thanks to the modular design
  • Re-drying capability offers passive climate management
  • Bespoke product geometries

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