There are many ways to get to meet the experts from Freudenberg Performance Materials - be it digitally in a webinar, in person at the trade show booth, etc. In our event overview, you can see the upcoming events at a glance. Here you can also find out more about the topics of the events and where you can get your ticket.

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Highlights from recent years

REVIEW: Innovative solutions & performance materials for lithium-ion battery packs

As a solution provider for all aspects of New Mobility, we offer an unbelievably broad technology platform that allows us to respond individually to the challenges and needs of the market while still keeping the big picture in view. Our existing solutions, such as Battery Pack Liquid Absorbers, EMI Shielding and Friction Inserts demonstrate our deep expertise in the area of New Mobility.

REVIEW: Seatings Webinar 2021

The innovative materials of Freudenberg Performance Materials offer greater interior comfort and enhance design flexibility, all while lowering costs. Jan Kettemann and Jure Porenta were our experts in the TechTalkWebinar and provided details in their presentation.

REVIEW: Future of Mobility 2020

The many participants in our virtual live events on the future of mobility experienced a fantastic presentation on December 10, 2020. Is climate-neutral and emission-free mobility an illusion? This was the central question of the event.

REVIEW: Techtextil 2019

Freudenberg Performance Materials was there. Our interviews recorded at Techtextil 2019 offer an expert perspective on these unique solutions as well as inspiration for developing and improving your own products.