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4/25/2023 09:00 AM CET4/25/2023 03:00 AM EST on location

Surfacing veils and core materials for fiber-reinforced parts

April 25 – 27, 2023, Paris-Nord Villepinte, France – Hall 6, Booth Q71 – at the Baden-Württemberg International pavilion | Freudenberg’s solutions for the FRP industry include a variety of glass, PAN and PET nonwovens, as well as flow media and spacers for the production of lightweight fiber-reinforced plastic parts. These products are designed for anti-corrosion coatings in piping and tank construction, smooth UV resistant surfaces for facade panels, and other applications for a wide range of end products.

FPM fiber-reinforced plastics application

Products made from fiber-reinforced plastics must be equipped with surfacing veils to provide abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, smooth surfaces and mechanical strength. Freudenberg offers high-tech nonwovens that can meet these challenges. Speak to our experts to learn all there is to know about these versatile materials.

The expanded product portfolio with Enka®solutions

Enka®solutions has been part of Freudenberg Performance Materials since 2020. FPM Enka®solutions Logo

Enka®solutions products are characterized by their typical 3D entangled polymeric filament structures. Thanks to this unique structure, they are exceptionally suitable as flow media and spacers when producing composite materials. Readily available solutions for VARTM, SRIM and foam molding processes ensure the high performance of small- and large-scale complex fiber-reinforced plastic parts at low cost and in one pass.

FPM Enka®solutions - Fusion - Channel - Spacer Enka®fusion | Enka®channel | Enka®spacer

Enka®solutions flow media enable high-speed and reliable resin or foam flows throughout the composite part. Applied as a spacer in foam injection molding processes, they push the reinforcement matting and the composite skin against the mold and hold them in place during the process, allowing for a full wetting out of glass fiber and skin.

Our experts can’t wait to meet you to discuss your needs. Hall 6, Booth Q71

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