Maximize wind turbine power density

3/21/2023 08:30 AM CET3/21/2023 03:30 AM EST on location

Get the most out of wind energy with innovative technology

March 21 – 22, 2023, Eurogress, Aachen, Germany – Booth 2 | Experience cutting-edge wind energy technology, see the latest advancement in the flesh, and be part of meaningful industry dialogue.

CWD 2023 – including a conference and exhibition – is the top international platform for exchanging knowledge between industry and science. This event covers the entire electromechanical drivetrain of wind turbines, their subsystems, and the gearbox. You’ll also find detailed research on individual components, such as rolling or plain bearings.

Increased power density and safety

Friction Inserts help wind turbine manufacturers and part suppliers to further increase the maximum energy output of wind turbines. Fitted with our friction-boosting Friction Inserts, the mechanical connections in wind turbines work more efficiently.

fpm friction inserts wind turbines Selected applications for friction enhancement

Friction Inserts offer these benefits

  • Easy application
  • Transmits higher torques and shear forces
  • Improve safety and durability of the connection
  • No gap

fpm friction inserts 2000x591 The extraordinarily high friction coefficient found in Friction Inserts maximize power density in modern wind turbines. Friction Inserts are made of an ultra-thin carrier material, coated on one side with hard particles. When placed in the friction joint, these hard particles penetrate into the surfaces of the two joining parts creating a micro-interlock.

Learn more about the benefits of Friction Inserts – a unique technology for increasing static friction in bolted and press-fit connections.

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