Insights into high performance filter media solutions

3/8/2022 08:00 AM CET3/8/2022 02:00 AM EST On location

Insights into high performance filter media solutions

Meet our experts at booth R 10, Hall 7. We look forward to supporting your filter media developments. With our technology expertise and wide product portfolio, we jointly develop and provide tailor-made media for Air and Liquid Filtration as well as Odor Control.

Our technologies

Our advanced technologies include spunbond, drylaid, wetlaid, meltblown, activated carbon and microfilament technology, each allowing for specific bonding techniques and further treatments to meet exact sets of requirements and customer needs.
Filter media and support layers manufactured by Freudenberg Performance Materials are for instance applied in HVAC, APC and RAP filters, Pool & Spa, Coolant and Reverse Osmosis Filters for desalination. Renowned brands such as Colback®, Evolon®, Enka®solutions and Filc filter media are part of our product portfolio.

Collaborating for product developments

With our roll-good customers we like to dive deep to understand exact needs, and to aim high in terms of results for both achievable properties and easy and efficient customer production processes. Our different technologies and possible treatments combined with extensive knowledge are at our customers’ disposal.

Technology-based treatments

Bonding techniques

  • Chemical bonding
  • Hydro entanglement
  • Needle punching
  • Thermal bonding


  • Converting
  • Coating
  • Impregnating
  • Laminating
  • Printing

Filtech materials

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