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Battery electric vehicle cells & systems technology innovation

9/20/2021 11:00 AM CET9/20/2021 05:00 AM EST Webinar

New materials in cell and system technology

This WeAutomotive webinar series is focused on technological innovations of battery-powered electric vehicles. Register today to participate live or view on demand.

Lectures by our experts

    • Jan Kettemann
    • Tobias Speth
    Lecture by Jan Kettemann, Tobias Speth
    9/20/2021 11:00 AM CET9/20/2021 05:00 AM EST

    Innovative solutions & performance materials for lithium-ion battery packs

    As a solution provider for all aspects of new mobility, we offer customers an extensive portfolio of forward-looking materials. These materials play a decisive role in the performance of battery packs and vehicle safety in general. Experts Jan Kettemann and Tobias Speth present the following innovative solutions from Freudenberg Perfomance Materials:

    • Battery Pack Liquid Absorbers are a solution for the absorption of liquids. They can absorb both condensate and coolant.
    • EMI Shielding components reliably protect against electromagnetic radiation, which can cause disruptions in critical components, such as the battery pack.
    • Friction Inserts are a technology for increasing the coefficient of friction and making screw and press-fit connections more reliable and efficient. Friction Inserts support the transmission of higher torques and shear forces to satisfy the requirements for more power in electric vehicles.

Our Experts

  • Jan Kettemann

    Head of Global New Business Development @Freudenberg

    Jan Kettemann started his career as a technical consultant with a focus on nonwoven-, paper- and textile-based products. At Freudenberg, he took over the segment New Business Development with a primary focus on automotive and new mobility.

  • Tobias Speth

    Sales Manager / Application Engineer @Freudenberg

    After studying physics, Tobias Speth developed the Friction Inserts technology together with his father and has already worked on initial projects with German OEMs in the automotive industry. Today, he works as a Sales Manager / Application Engineer at Freudenberg, developing new markets and business areas.

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