Aachener Colloquium

10/4/2021 09:00 AM CET10/4/2021 03:00 AM EST On location

Sustainable mobility solutions – concepts with a future

This event continues the long tradition of the Aachen Colloquium Automotive and Engine Technology. The focus is clearly on sustainable mobility solutions. On the occasion of our 30th anniversary, we have in store for you an appealing program with selected lectures from experts on currently debated topics, such as future mobility concepts and vehicle designs, automated and networked driving and more, as well as numerous international exhibitors.

Our experts at the Aachener Colloquium

As a solution provider for all aspects of new mobility, we offer customers an extensive portfolio of innovative materials and forward-looking technologies. Friction Inserts are one example.
Friction Inserts are a technology for increasing the coefficient of friction and making screw and press-fit connections safer and more efficient. They support the transmission of higher torques and shear forces to satisfy the requirements for more power in electric vehicles.
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